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Ligandrol (LGD-4033) - Top 5 Benefits for Muscle Growth & Side Effects


Ligandrol (LGD-4033) or Anabolicum was first originally meant to be a cure for muscle loss. It was later found that LGD-4033 had anabolic like affects on athletes. Just like any other SARM, Ligandrol binds the androgen receptors which creates anabolic affects on the muscles and bones. Here is what Ligandrol can do for a athlete or bodybuilder.


1. Increase in Muscle Mass

 The main highlight of Ligandrol is the muscle mass affects that the athlete will get. Depending on the diet an average user can get 5-10 lbs of added muscle mass in a 8-12 week cycle. There are reports of users getting more added muscle with an average dose of 10mg a day. 


2. Increase in Strength 

Ligandrol will increase the users strength significantly through out a cycle. This is great for breaking plateaus in lifts or overall strength gains in workouts. Users report the strength gains affect around week 3 or a little earlier. Speaking from personal experience, I felt it around week 2. Especially on my compound lifts such as bench press and shoulder dumbbell presses. 


3. Fat Loss & Not Muscle Wasting

As said before, Ligandrol was meant to stop muscle wasting on patients. This is a huge plus for anyone looking to do a cutting cycle. Usually on a cutting diet the user is on a caloric deficit and could risk muscle loss. With LGD-4033 that wont happen, in fact it'll help you increase lean muscle mass just by doing a 8 week cycle. Granted it wont be a huge boost, but you should definitely see a difference. 


4. Great for Recomping 

Ligadrol really shines on a simple body recomp. With a proper diet and planned training methods. Ligandrol will add a good amount of body mass without adding any body fat. From my personal experience, this works really well stacked with S4 or RAD140. The amount of muscle added and hardness you'll get with a stack with any of the SARMs mentioned is ridiculous. 


5. An Alternative to Steroids

LGD-4033 is easily the most popular SARMs by far. That being said for those that dont want to take the step on taking anabolic steroids, this is a great solution for you. Keep in mind that this wont give you the exact effects that steroids would do, but it's the closest results you'll get to AAS. 


Side Effects

Ligandrol is very interesting, the side effects are minimal to none. It doesn't effect your LH or FSH levels at all. It also does not aromatize to estrogen whats so ever, now if you're estrogen prone or know that your naturally aromatize easily. I would keep an aromatase inhibitor close by or know somewhere you can get it just in case. The only thing that LGD-4033 will cause is a minimal suppression, which causes your testosterone to decrease. That being said, it's recommended to do a PCT after a 8-12 week cycle of LGD-4033. 

Conclusion & Final Notes

Ligandrol can be taken by any healthy male or female. They will get all the benefits with a proper diet and exercise. If you do decide to take LGD-4033 make sure to run at least a 8-12 week cycle to get the full benefits from it. You can buy Ligandrol from us, we're based in the U.S., ship worldwide, and you will see gains guaranteed. Feel free to contact us with any questions and keep making those gains!