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RAD140 Summery & What You Can Gain

RAD140 Overview

RAD140 is one of the most unique SARMs to date. It was originally made to be a replacement of TRT and to stop muscle loss. Just like the other SARMs, RAD140 attaches to the androgen receptor and mimics testosterone to the body.  Which causes muscle growth and increases the body's testosterone to it's peak. Another benefit that RAD140 has is that it counters prostate enlargement in males, it's also safe for females to take as it doesn't cause clitoris enlargement or virilization. The following will happen if you use RAD140 for bodybuilding purposes

  • Muscle Growth
  • Strength Gain
  • Enhances Bloodflow, Endurance, & Vascualrity 

Dosages, Side Effects, & Conclusion

RAD140 can be taken at 20-30mg for males and 10mg for females. As far as side effect goes, there is none if taken the dosages that was listed above. One thing to point out at 30mg that users reported for males, is aggression. RAD140 is not liver toxic and it doesn't increase estrogen levels. However we do recommend a small PCT after a 8-16 week cycle, just to get everything working back to normal before you started the cycle. RAD140 is a great SARM for cutting, bulking, or just cruising after a AAS cycle. You can buy RAD140 from us, we're based in the U.S., ship worldwide, and you will see gains guaranteed. Feel free to contact us with any questions and keep making those gains!